UV1 Missing

Hi I want to bake lights into my scene but all my objects seem to give me this warning/error. I’m exporting from Cinema4d as GLB files. Does anyone know how I enable/export a UV1. If the answer isn’t C4D specific just maybe an understanding on what UV1 is exactly…is it another UV map on the model with the name UV1?

Previously using Unity Im pretty sure UV0 and UV1 were both alway options no matter how I exported to objects.


Apologies, I found all the info I need on this help page: Runtime Lightmaps | Learn PlayCanvas

Unity as UV1 unwrapped (if you want it) on import. Unfortunately, we don’t have that supported at the moment.

Ah, according to the help I can mark Playcanvas to create a UV1 automatically in the Pipeline settings, however I cant seem to find Pipeline setting anywhere…in settings or the model. Any ideas?

That’s the bit that isn’t supported for generated GLB assets unfortunately

Okay Thanks. Then I have no idea how to generate empty UV1’s in Cinema 4D.

I think the problem is with the GLB exporter in C4d. It just doesnt seem to export a second UV even if you have multiple UV tags on my object.

Looks like I will need to pre lightmap everything in C4D before importing to Playcanvas.