UV1 Missing (Blender .obj Export)

I’m currently having trouble figuring out how to get UV1 working so that I can lightmap on a plane that I’m using as the terrain/map.
Although in Blender I’m exporting it with two UV maps, it still is listed as unavailable when it’s added into the project.
When I try to auto-unwrap within PlayCanvas Pipeline instead it just endlessly loads, only to at some point (sometimes several minutes in, sometimes over an hour later) disconnect and reload the entire editor page again and cancel out the unwrap that was questionably “in progress”.

Is there anything that could be interfering such as a limit on vertices in an object or something else I might be missing?

Hi @Abraxas and welcome!

This sounds like either a bug with the model (it doesn’t make sense to have its UV1 coords missing on import) or with the editor import pipeline.

There is a limit when trying to render a model with more than 65K vertices in devices with support of only 16-bit indices, but I think that shouldn’t be a blocker when importing the model.

Would you like to submit an issue about it in the editor repo? If you can supply a sample playcanvas scene that includes the model in question that will be superb.