Using Vimeo to stream 360 videos

Hello guys, how are you?

I’m new on PlayCanvas, and I have one “simple” question:

I was looking to the 360 video VR project (, and I do not know if it’s possible to play a vídeo using a 360 vimeo link. Can you confirm this for me?

What I want to do is exactly the same as the project mentioned above, but using a 360 Vimeo Video.

Thank you in advance,

Fernando Luz

Anyone? :s

thank you very much

Ultimately you will need the URL and permissions for the MP4 video file. Here is something similar from someone using YouTube videos for WebGL textures here:

The sections of particular interest are:

  • Video WebGL On YouTube Argh 1: Embed Code Access
  • Video WebGL Argh 2: X-Domain Issues