Using tween.js to create a delay function


im using tween.js in my project, which is just tweening opacity, positions and so on. im wondering, if i can just tween a value to create something like a delay, to trigger a onComplete function after the delay time has passed.


 this.positionFrames = this.entity.tween(
            x : frame.position.x,
            y : frame.position.y,
            z : frame.position.z
        }, this.duration, this.getEase()).delay(options.delay);
            this.eventListener = this.positionFrames.on('complete', this.onComplete, this);


It workes fine for transitions but i would like to add a basically delay to start next actions. i know you could achieve it within the update function but i thought maybe i could extend the script with using the tween.js library

So basically i want to set a delay value and then it should call the onComplete funcition.

Thank you!


found a solution in this post with a similar topic: How to Tween a variable? - #4 by Leonidas

one thing doesnt work in this scope is the loop function - so it repeats after a special interval.