Using PlayCanvas without the official editor?

Personally I’m often without an active internet connection and I’d like to know if it us possible to use the PlayCanvas engine with my own JS IDE.

Yes you can. Engine is fully Open Source, and you can use it all the way, without internet connection.
Currently models have to be converted from FBX using our tool, in Editor, but model format is well described, and there are some tools around to convert already.
And you can write your own loaders.

We are thinking about glTF support as well.

Hi Max, Is glTF support still in your plan? glTF has gone to 2.0, and many other engines have already supported.

We don’t have immediate plans to support glTF. There’s very little benefit to the end user at this moment in time. PlayCanvas is a consumer of 3D assets, and, as it stands today, FBX is far more widely used to serialize 3D models compared to glTF. But we’ll continue to review this decision.