Using ES6 PC scripts in a React component


We are working on a web app that is using React. So I made a React Component that takes care of the basis (creating the canvas, creating the PC app, loading a scene, accessing a camera…). And it works very well! I can provide a sample if someone is interested.

So now I’m trying to attach scripts to my camera. At first I was using the ES5 version of the scripts and it works well but I prefer to go full ES6. So I started to rewrite some of the common scripts in ES6. Here’s mouse-input for example:

At first I tried to use what it’s in the API doc: pc | PlayCanvas API Reference
But that didn’t work. So I removed the pc.registerScript and added an export and now it does.

Here’s how you add your script after afterwards:

import { MouseInput } from “./pcUtils/mouseInput.js”;

pc.registerScript(MouseInput);; //where is a entity with a camera.

I hope it helps somebody!


Many thanks for showing your solution to this!

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And here’s the code for the PlayCanvas React component:

If the component is not rendered anymore, PC is unloaded so next time you render the component you will see a loading time. If you want to avoid that, always render the component and simply change the visibility of the canvas by modifying the class name.

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