Using 8th wall in playcanvas, there is a problem with the physical wheel

I use 8thwall in playcanvas to realize AR driving, in which I use the logistics wheel, and then when it is opened, the position of the wheel and the car is not right.
This is the problem screenshot and live demo.

Does the issue happen outside of 8th Wall?

Yes, this happens in blippar too. If it is a normal AR viewing car, there is no problem with zooming in and out. But after adding the physical wheel, scaling has the above problems.

I meant does it happen just as a normal PlayCanvas app in the browser with no AR etc?

I think it is right, I think this may be a problem in the playcanvas, not the AR platform.

Can you post a public project showcasing the issue? If you are using scaling, that may be causing issues as the vehicle script assumes that the scale of the physics is set to 1