User Library Access

It would be awesome if a user could provide a GitHub repository link pointing to a library of scripts that could be added similar to the ‘Add Built-in Script’ right click feature in the current editor. It would be nice if this library of scripts could then be available in all projects. It would super awesome if users could browse/rate/add other user written libraries via some widget/interface at the PlayCanvas site. :heart_eyes: I believe such changes would accelerate development, improve final results, and built solidarity in the PlayCanvas community.

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That is a nice suggestion, and in fact we were thinking about this for quiet awhile now.
There is Assets Store, that is very “raw” at the moment, and cannot contain scripts. Current scripts are not assets, so this is another limitation. There is work right now going on about updating scripts system to make scripts assets, and this will enable us to share and distribute script assets way easier.

So Assets Store would be one place, although we were thinking as well that user should be able to upload and clone between different scopes, such as you might want to have script in your user scope, or you want to have some assets in project scope. And possibility to move things between those scopes would allow sharing content across projects, possibly be able to copy someone else’s assets if permission is granted. But this is yet just in ideas stage.

Thanks for a suggestion and interest. It is important to know what users willing to see.

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