User Interface for a Racing Game

I would like to add some buttons and features to make my simulator play more like a game. PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

A racing game, to be exact. I think the best way to communicate what I need help with is sharing a few photoshopped images and explaining what I would like the UI buttons to do.

I know I have to add a 2D screen element for the Start Game text to show up in front of the user, but I’m having trouble getting the button element to show the text. I would like the text to disappear upon click and get the user to get controls over the first person movement.

After that, I would like the following text to appear.

A timer that does not start until the user presses x to enter the dronecar and HTML text on the bottom right of the screen giving instructions to the player.

I obviously will also need help with coding the timer to start and stop at the finish line with possible leader boards? Is this possible on PlayCanvas?

I also want to add a few ring-hoop-obstacles that the player has to fly through on the way to the finish to earn points. In addition to making the race more interesting and challenging, I think the obstacles will also help guide the player to the finish line.

Thank you in advance for your help!

You text element doesn’t have a font asset so no text will be rendered:

Please add a TTF font to the project and assign to the text elements:

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