User experience glitch

a while ago i started to get seemingly spontanous error messages caused by suddenly falsly linked entities in attributes i fed through the editor. until now i could not reproduce the issue.

it happens when i want to look up the location of these entites in hierachy. i don’t know since when it is possible to reveal their location by clicking in the inspector but it is definitly an ux improvement. though in some cases after clicking my intuitive behaviour is to check out other entities surrounding the entity i was looking for. i just realized that when selected the entity-slot in inspector the next click on another entity will exchange the object.

don’t know if this is a real issue. maybe that only happens to me because of my twisted expectations on ui. but since it is already possible to drag and drop to inspector i don’t see the benefit of an alternative that might send someone chasing bugs just to discover that only some links have changed. i was really wondering how that happens for quite a while.

What do you mean by this?

Could you list reproduction steps and expectations vs what actually happens please?

Or maybe a video?

Is this when you click on an entity reference in a script attribute?

yep … lol i knew it will be hard to describe … yep entity reference in script attribute.

say you have a complex hierachy and you want to find entities by clicking the attribute reference to check out what is happening there. in my case i sometimes just refer to children in my script and therefore i also want to check out the other children i might find surrounding the one i was looking for. just to understand how everything is built. so if i dont take care i end up with wrong references. happened to my so many times that i even stay alert when i do this :wink: .

btw by inspector i mean the area to the right where components show up. it is called like this in unity. hence.

I think I’ve been caught out by this before too. It’s ‘as designed’ as clicking on the reference was never meant to look up the entity.

Doesn’t mean we couldn’t add that option though :thinking:

i think it is super useful if you return to old projects or areas of your project you didn’t touch for a while. i intuitivly used it like this as for assigning references i’d never go this way but drag’n drop. but in the end it is a suggestion/feedback. idk maybe 99% of pc users use it as intented and i am a unicorn.

Definitely agree, one of the features I would really like to get is:

Where you can search for ‘does anything reference this entity/asset?’

The way it’s currently designed (which doesn’t help when entities are collapsed) is that the entity being referenced is highlighted on hover.

Thing is, that I’m used to how it’s designed and it’s great to hear more about how other people’s expectations are when using it.

Issue opened:

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