User Directory / Editor Scripting

Right now the browser console is enough to run editor scripts but I’m finding I have a folder full of .js files that I’m going to have to setup my own private github repo to track version control.

I was thinking maybe it would be cool to add an ‘Execute’ button to scripts in the asset panel so that I could track my scripts in a Playcanvas project but I realized that this would require me to add my editor scripts to every project and then managing updates would be annoying.

I was thinking it would be cool if you had a /User folder that tracked across all projects that you could keep your project wide scripts/assets in, something like this:

A user directory like this could be very powerful for all kinds of assets but it would add a level of complexity that I imagine the developers want to avoid. Curious to hear a developers thoughts on if this could be implemented elegantly or not?

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There’s a copy and paste assets between projects feature that’s in testing at the moment and hoping to release soon which could help with this? :slight_smile:

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