User account showing as "Free"

Hi I have someone who needs to share a project with me that is private. I have 2 organisation accounts but my user account is showing as “Free”. Is there something that can be done about that? The other user is unable to share with my organisation, as it’s “Not found” as a user.

What do you mean by “share a project”. Transfer the project a project to a different owner?

You’re user plan is free because the organization is the account that has the plan.

Hey Dave

A person wants to add me to the team of their private project. They cannot add my user as it is “free”. They can’t add my organisation Ixion as it cannot be found when adding a team member.



OK, I see.

If the other person is running an organization they will have to make sure they have enough seats free to pay for the additional user. Each user with access to a private project counts as one seat for the organization.

If the other person is just using a personal account, that is a bit of an edge case as usually a private project on a personal account would only be accessible by other personal account holders.

Ah! Now I get it… Thanks Dave