Use SketchUp Animations In Playcanvas

Hi all,

I would like to use animated and rigged models I have developed in SketchUp within playcanvas. How do I go about this?

Export the animation from SketchUp as an FBX.
Import the FBX.
Create a new Entity and add the Model .json file (thumbnail will show a silhouette of your mesh) and the animation .json file (thumbnail will show a movie clapboard).
Refer to the API for Playcanvas animations and this sample project for further info on how to actually play the animation.

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Quick question:
I know how to add animations to a player model but how would i get animations for a weapon model? or a building model?

@Nathan_Hawkins1, please do an animation on SketchUp using Sketchy Physics. Then import as above.

What im trying to figure out is how to do animations… i can create models just animations i do not know how