Use exact character from font file

Is there someone who knows how I can use exact character from icofont.ttf as image for button? (in this case I want to make “Left Button” to have this

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I used to work out the unicode range of the symbols.

Used this to create a custom character range so that they can be generated on the font texture file:

Then use this tool to convert \uXXX utf-16 to Unicode text so that I can copy and paste it into the text field of the element

Project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

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Also, if you’re using Windows you can use the “Character Map” program to browse/search fonts and copy and paste the selected characters

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It seems I have some issues even importing ttf file

Try re-processing the font from the asset inspector

do you mean re-import?
this didnt help me

When you’ve added a valid range and click on process, does it work then?

It goes red because it can’t find any valid characters from the default character set (abcdefg etc)

Once you’ve added a valid range of some sort, it will be fine

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issn’t a range of for example: #xea5b - #xea5e
it doesnt work still for me

That isn’t a valid range for that font, no.

The range is 0xEEA0 to 0xF02E

From fontdrop

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Thank you yaustar font is imported now… don’t you have also any advice how to choose exactly one icon (for button) thise strange text?

Use the fontdrop site linked above to get the ranges/characters you want for the font and also follow the steps to enter the character into the text field.