Urgent - Need coder to work on 3D configurator

We need to work on 3D configurator for web page. The application is fairly simple to change color style or texture. The solution needs connection with web page through back end. Experience required and paid work. More information can be provided by email at richard.blouin@simfusion.com.

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Hi Richard,
I’ve sent you an email with three example 3D configurators like this:
I hope you received it. Let me know if not.

Regards Patrick (DaDracoDesign)

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Hi @Patrick_Munster. Very cool product configurator!! I was just taking a look in Chrome Dev Tools and the page seems to initialize 4 instances of the engine. Why is that? Also, I think you’re loading 100% of the 3D assets for all configurations before showing the configurator app. I’d definitely recommend doing something like the Call of Duty: Gunsmith app that requests assets on demand. This allows the configurator to become interactive far faster. Yeah, there’s a short delay when the user makes a new selection, but it should be preferable to a longer startup time.

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Hi and thank you very much!
Well, let me talk a bit about the configurators:
In the milon configurator I see two instances of the engine, which is correct (if you see more, there must be something wrong). This is cause of a second view called circle view, which is in a modal and shows you your complete circle configuration in various arrangements.
There is also a newer version of the milon configurator which loads all the assets dynamically and some other improvements, but it is still under review and not on the live system. It was not so easy for me to synchonize the assets between the two instances and connect this with the storage, cause as you see, I’ve added this feature after everything was already working. In the concept the configurator was planed for mobile with very lightweight lowpoly models, but they could only deliver their CAD models which are far from lowpoly and did not pay for any manual retopology work.
On the other hand the Haefele configurator (sorry, this configurator is not public yet) should work offline on a fair, so there was no need for dynamically loading assets at the moment and the deadline with all the changes was very, very tight. So I dismissed anything that was not essential. But I’m sure this will come sooner or later. So I expect some work here for me :wink:
Your configurator for the weapon is absolutly beautiful! I hope you dont mind if I take a closer look.

Hey Patrick thanks for reaching out! I’m working with Richard at SimFusion and had a look at your configurator. Great stuff! Is it connected in any ways to Milon’s website CMS in order to update prices or quantity available?

Having the capability to connect an ERP to that kind of configurator is really what we’re looking for. Thanks

Hi Will Thanks a lot for joining in the conversation here,

That Call of Duty configurator is truly stunning really. Great work on that and also, I’d have to say great work on PlayCanvas as a whole. Really changes the game for WebGL apps. As I just asked to Patrick, we’re looking mostly to integrate a PlayCanvas product configurator app on a client’s website, but that will allow for dynamic price changes, quantity available and so on, thus being connected to their ERP in some sort. Is that possible with Playcanvas and if so, is there any example out there I could have a quick look at? I’m fairly new to your tool and want to learn a lot about it in the next weeks or so.

Let me know. Thanks

The Milon configurator does not have any interface to a shop or ERP software cause they don’t wanted something like this.
But I have another client (https://goekeler.com/) where we are planing to do what you want (https://myprobe.de/).
We are just at the concept and as far as I can say, getting all the data (quantity, price etc.) for a calculation and so on in the 3D configurator, is not so difficult. But in my case it has to work together with Shopware shop system and this is where it gets complicated. At least for me, cause I’m new to shop development. So, to write data back (as an order) into your shop system and ERP seems like the major challenge for me here.
As far as I know there is no standard interface for this. In any case you have to have a look on your ERP interface and your shop interface / plugin-system.

If this kind of integration is you main goal, you should analyze and specify the interface at first before you start developing the configurator. If you create it with PlayCanvas, Babylon.js, Unity or Unreal should not matter from this point of view (and as far as I know).
What I would recommend for your project is hiring somebody that is familiar with your ERP and shop system first and with a very good communication/contact to you.
Coming to the point: I’m sure I can develop a 3D configurator for your product, but the integration into your system is a special task on it’s own.
May I ask what system you are using at the moment?

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the details on your projects. Great work!
I have been using Playcanvas for a little while now with a couple of exemple since i have been using Unity for several years now for the building of configurator applications making things easier to understand with Playcanvas (our unity ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3enejr6VCUg&t=75s).The idea of using Playcanvas in conjonction with a webpage to control the various features of the 3D model could be supported by some base control files (json) as a first approach for our demo version.
Here’s an exemple of what i foresee with the playcanvas working with the control on the right and bottom section of the page.https://www.made.com/rubens-wingback-armchair-light-moss.

Thank you for this example. It looks nice and your expectations are absolutly feasible so far.
Basically in the Milon configurator there is a JSON file with all the tools and settings. This file is used for the whole configuration and is converted to a JavaScript object at runtime. It seems like it is very close to what you suggest and it’s working.
The connection to a database, where you can maintain all your product information should not cause any trouble. Just the order process in combination with a shop / ERP system might be time consuming and not really straight forward by doing it the first time.
I did not mean to recommend Unity for a Web-GL project (nor Unreal). We tried this and switched to PlayCanvas after half of a project cause of performance issues and a leak of mobile compatibility. I don’t know if and when this is going to change. But from time to time I have a closer look on the web capabilities of the bigger engines. Until there are big improvements, I expect to go with PlayCanvas.

Thanks for the reply. For the demo that i am thinking about similar to the made.com link that i sent you earlier and assuming that i send the model or set it in playcanvas project in advance, how much time would need to setup a connection and what would be the cost. We can have a chat over skype (Rickblouin) to discuss further for more details on what i would expect.

My email is richard.blouin@simfusion.com