Uranus toolkit for PlayCanvas

Hello, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs on the Uranus Toolkit for PlayCanvas, and I intend to use it or test it out to see how it functions and what I can accomplish with it.

“This library has been deprecated in favor of a new editor scripting system that is in the works.”

I really wanted to use this, but it has been discontinued. Is there any way I can use Uranus toolkit instead? I’ve seen that most of the demos made with it are extremely well-optimized and graphically excellent, but I can’t seem to locate any project files for any of them—not even an empty project that uses Uranus toolkit.

or any blank project that incorporates this tools,
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thank You

Hi @AnasRahim,

The demos that you’ve seen were built with Uranus Tools for PlayCanvas using the following SDK, available for purchase:

It includes a large collection of ready to use scripts for PlayCanvas, and one of them enables easy to use editor scripting (that’s an advanced version of the now deprecated repository you shared above).

If you have any questions regarding the tools feel free to ask or reach out directly to me.


Hello @Leonidas,

I would have a question for you, would you know what’s the footprint of the SDK on top of PlayCanvas? Is it adding a whole lot of file size of the compiled project?

I’ve tested a few demos on mobile, and for me, the demos we’re running fairly laggy.


Hi @d-coder and welcome,

Thanks for asking, most likely the demos were laggy not due to the filesize of the SDK, if that’s what you are asking. The total size of the minified scripts is less than 200KB, and if that’s gzipped I’d say it would be much less than a 100KB.

Those demos are large/heavy scenes transferred from Unreal to PlayCanvas, featuring large textures, complex models and in several cases lots of materials and post effects. So the complexity of the scene itself is what mostly affects performance.

Uranus Tools are a collection of scripts which you can use selectively (use as many or as few you need), to increase performance and extent the PlayCanvas engine and editor.

The scripts themselves add almost no footpring to your project, what you do with them is what matters.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot for your reply @Leonidas. That’s really interesting. I would have a few other questions for you regarding the toolkit, would you mind if I PM you?


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Sure, feel free to reach out.

where can you get them ive searched the whole site and not a single thing told me where to buy or the price can you tell me where to buy it?

@Maximos_Finley Tools - Solar Games

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995 DOLLARS!? thats way to much lol


Is there a free option for character customization?