"Upload" UI to upload an image from the disk


I need to upload a image from my local disk to my playcanvas application.
Do we have a UI example of such uploading?

Fingers crossed.

Hi @lenvanthis! Not sure if I understand your question correctly, but I guess you can just drag and drop the image from your local disk to the asset panel or your project.

Hey, if you mean having the option to upload images on runtime from the disk then you can use html button with input type “file” How To Display Uploaded Image In Html Using Javascript ? | Discussion Forum | Webtrickshome | Web Design, Development and SEO Forum.
Made a quick example for you here


In run time, I meant.

I think you answered my question. Thank you!

Actually, it turns out not. :slight_smile:

What I need to do is to upload an image in my local disk in run time.
I need to find a UI which opens the local file system and let me select a file and upload it.
Do we have such functionality in playcanvas?