Upload Images with an Android tablet?

I want to DEVELop
a Manga like game, using a Samsung android tablet. I’VE CREATED NEARLY A hundret gif’s. But I’m not able to upload them. 6pload button in assets didn’t work. Maby couse of the androit file server. Drag and drop too didn’t work. No paste Button. :frowning: moving file from window to window doesn’t do the job.

Drag and drop too

Any idea , how to solve?

Sorry for the mistypes. Even typing a message with my tablet is ver hard … cant see the my text

While you can use some parts of the editor on non-PC devices, I just recommend that you use a PC or Chromebook.

I use a maby 10 years old samsung tablet … everything

Works verrycwel except uploading. Mandrilla about says system is linux 16