Upload game to itch?

ok so I’m trying to upload all my game files to itch.io anyone know a way on how to?


See docs. Please note that you need a paid plan to build your PlayCanvas games to be externally hosted.

Alternatively, you can iframe the published PlayCanvas app. Eg https://itch.io/t/28193/html-game-question-can-i-have-an-iframe-to-a-game-im-hosting-elsewhere

Well, I’ve somehow found a way to upload to itch without having to download the zip file. You can see my game right here.


You first need to right click, hover around the ‘new’ option,and then click shortcut. A window should pop up asking you to input a link. Copy & paste the link of you’re game.



Next you want to add a name for the shortcut. It can be called what ever you want.



Next you want to save it in a folder. Then you want to right click on that folder, & then send it to a compressed file. Making it into a .zip file.

Image 1. c3

Image 2.c4


Now, all you have to do, is upload this zip file to a new project on itch.io as a downloadable file. When someone downloads this file, unzips it, & opens the .URL file inside, they’ll be redirected to your game on PlayCanvas.

but I don’t want my game downloadable I want it playable right on the sight

how do I iframe?

Well, the only way to do that is to download the project from editor, which means you have to upgrade. Besides, the game doesn’t take so long to download. All it does is redirect it. If you still want it to play directly, then you need to upgrade.

can´t you do it I mean you do have access to the game

Ya, I can. But don’t you want it published by you, though?

You can log into my account lol

What is the game’s genre & is it released?

Yep it is and it´s genre is puzzle,Iĺl dm you my account login on your dm on here not on discord because you know there´s alot of hackers on discord.