Update Time keep changing


I’ve disabled autoRender and renderNextFrame manually and checked this statistic and found that the “Update Time” keeps counting.

Can anyone kindly explain me when it means?


Hi @sooyong_Kim,

To stop scripts updating you should set the timeScale property to 0.0:

this.app.timeScale = 0.0;
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Those parameters just stop the rendering, not the update loop. The update is still being called every frame.

Even if you set the timeScale to 0, the update loop is still called but with a deltatime of 0.

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Quite true, I should have written that differently, thanks @yaustar !


What about MS value?
Even after I set autoRender and renderNextFrame to false and timeScale to 0.0, the MS value keep

Is it normal behavior??

Yes, that is the browser request animation frame time, registered as frame update here:

Can I even disable and enable it??

I don’t think so, you will have to patch the engine and add a condition on when this.tick() executes here:

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I’ve temporarily tested it with console window and seems working fine.
Is there any known side effect if I apply it???