Upcoming UI changes to Dashboard and Editor - PlayCanvas Bytes Jun 20 '22

PlayCanvas Bytes is where we talk about upcoming work with PlayCanvas and related topics.

We are trialing a new format to better communicate some of the work that is going on with the PlayCanvas team.

Today we have our UX designer, Jasper who will take us through some exciting plans to the new project dashboard and Editor View!

00:00 Intro
00:30 New project creation flow/dashboard
03:56 Changes to the Editor Viewport
05:16 Launch button updates
07:57 New ‘Empty’ inspector panel
08:50 Making the back button visibility
10:13 Outro

Post your feedback below!


Nice updates for editor guys.I’m using playcanvas quite long , and i’ve a lot of projects.So i’ve one suggestion about main dashboard page.I think it’s better to allow users to create folders and move projects to these folders.For example right now , i have dozens of projects and it’s hard to scroll.Better UX may be folders…Just a suggestion.Thanks

There’s an old ticket request here: Regarding handling of projects (much needed search function?) · Issue #239 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

There’s some conversation we are having on moving much of the dashboard to be in the Editor instead of a separate page that we need to discuss internally.

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Starter kits sound exciting! Curious if we would be able to create our own kits to start projects from :thinking:

@jasperfool How do you think that would work? Maybe a tab for a personal project to fork from?

Seconded, this would be great. Also, would there be a way to submit starter projects for this list?

Thanks for your hard work

This is a great improvement. The user aspect of things are usually over looked in the development of a UI. I look forward to the release. PlayCanvas is evolving in a great way.

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Looks great guys, I think what Playcanvas is really lacking is the visibility of good quality demos / started kits. I know it means someone has to create them but it would really help feature what’s possible.

Ps. the video is great, keep at it. Maybe have bullet-point topics on what to cover and in what order… Could even use Google Sheets so you can highlight/the other person to see where you currently are.


First of all thank you guys for your work and for making PlayCanvas :1st_place_medal:

Great small improvements on the Editor and the new Dashboard starter projects wil be very usefull expecialy for the newer members.

My suggestion is to have a link to the Editor of the template project then you hover over the template’s thumbnail as well as the play button. The bigger projects may contain the code and hierarchy from the different template-projects :gem:

Yeah, we haven’t got a process in place but I except it be similar to how we do tutorials on developer.playcanvas.com GitHub


It’s something we’ve been leaning on our users quite a bit to showcase what PlayCanvas is capable of rather than building our own demos. We now have a page here for ‘Made with PlayCanvas’ and in the process of a second showcase video:


Not 100% what you mean by this. Do you mean like an overlay that’s on screen at all times?

We do have timestamps in the video timeline if that helps?

One thing that was commented on missing is that we should have given a quick intro on what we intend to cover in the video at the very start. We forgot in the heat of the moment as these videos are quite off the cuff :sweat_smile:

Not sure what you mean, can you explain further please?

Sorry, just meant to keep you guys on the same page during the recording :blush:

My suggestion about the Google docs thing was just so both of you can see where you are in the ‘script’ / running order, especially if one of you were to highlight bullet points while recording (as google docs shows each editor’s highlight/cursor in real time). Sorry, don’t mean to tell you how to suck eggs!

I just like the format and would like to see more of these videos! :clap:

Oh, I see what you mean. It’s something we will think on. We kind of want to keep the format a bit more freeform rather than pre-scripted. All poor Jasper knew was to talk about the work he was doing :stuck_out_tongue: and me being more of the voice of the ‘user’

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I’m simply suggesting to have a link to the Editor (with read only rights) on the New project creation window. There will be a Play button then you hover over the template, imho should be a link to the editor as well. Otherwise to explore all the templates we will have to create a new project for every project template… and we will, because it will be very interesting to explore them all.

I like to share my feedback about the new design, because I’m a little worried.

The screen below looks restless to me. I think the contrast between the colors is too great. Maybe the dark colors a little less dark and the white colors a little less white?

I am also concerned about the mobile friendliness of the new design. I have already been told that this is not taken into account. Since the future is based on mobile devices, I don’t think this is progress. As you can see on the image below, quickly viewing a project is no longer an option, while this was still possible with the old design.

New design:

Old design:

Finally, I see that there is no unity in color use. Brown shades and green shades are used interchangeably.

All in all, I prefer to keep using the old design for the time being, because in my opinion it looks and works more user-friendly.

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