Upcoming changes to the forum

We are looking to make changes to the forum as our userbase and team continue to grow to make it easier to find/post questions and informations around specific topics without overloading the number of categories.

The changes will be:

  1. Merge General and Coding together and use tags to split subjects. (Tags from Discourse). The tags would things like: ‘learning’, ‘graphics’, ‘scripting’, ‘editor’, ‘animation’, ‘mobile’ etc
  2. Add a new section called ‘Shared Resources’ for people to post where they share a library, extension, plugin, musics etc for other people to use. By putting it in it’s own category, it makes them easier to find
  3. Merge Meta and Suggestions & Feedback as there’s no reason to keep feedback from the forum separate

The changes will be made later this week/early next week :slight_smile:


I’m currently moving topics to the right categories so you may get a lot of notifications from me. Sorry!

Edit: And done!


im checking out those new topics