Unreal Engine 5

I somehow missed the Unreal Engine 5 demo:

The environemnt looks amazing! No normal maps, dynamic global illumination, billions of triangles. I wonder if WebGPU will allow us to tap into this domain one day?


UE5 seems like a great leap forward for the live rendering industry.

What I would very much like in the WebGL/WebGPU world at some point is access to more threads that can also share part of the rendering context, e.g. to stream/upload assets. Right now it sucks that whatever stalls the GPU makes the main thread hang.

Ok, now I am going to be grateful: even WebGL is godsend in browsers today :innocent:


i hate c++ : P

I’ve tried to use c++ before and tbh it wasn’t that hard. At least for me.

“down to only 20 million drawn triangles”:joy: Meanwhile I nearly had a heart attack when I realized some decorative plants in my scene were doing 20K triangles.

Native game devs: “This is going to be awesome!”
WebGL game devs: “What am I doing with my life” :joy:
Though I gotta say WebGL is analagous to any retro game that had to work on constrained hardware relative to what we have today. It breeds creativity and pushes the bounds of what’s possible on the hardware.

It all depends on your target audience :+1:

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