Uncheck preload Asset for nested Templates

I this correct, that when I unckeck the preload checkbox for a template, all the nested templates are loaded on startup anyway?
If not, I wonder why it is behaving like this in my project.

I have a template, which is loaded only when required (preload unchecked), this works as expected. But, as a child entity it holds another template with a quite large geometry attached. This template has the preload checkmark also unchecked, but it is loaded anyway on startup, as I can observe in the web-debug-tool.

Is this a feature, a bug or me not properly understanding how I must use it?


Hi @mkjimp!

This sounds like a bug to me.

Can you maybe share a small project to show the problem?


I honestly don’t really know whats happening anymore, I would expect to only see the 7MB file show up in the network activity once I lazy load the asset, but it seems that it is loaded from the network in every case, but then when requested there is only a minor fetch for the asset…

Can you please take a look @yaustar?

The GLB asset (container) is set to preload so it’s going to be loaded on start

A template asset is hierarchy entity data with components and referenced asset ids.
A container asset (in the Editor) will contain the mesh data.
A render asset will reference a mesh in a container asset.

hmm, okay, so to actually prevent preloading I must un-check preload on every renderer, glb and material?

this looks good, and now it works as I would expect, thanks a lot for the inputs

Unfortunately, yes. The easiest way I’ve found is to tag all the relevant assets so you can do a find by tag to load/unload them all at once.