Uncaught TypeError

Hi, I tried to publish my first test game and noticed that my scene was Untitled, so I went back to the editor and tried to rename the scene. I think I didn’t look around enough how to do that, but simply duplicated the current scene and renamed it and set this new scene to the current scene. From this point none of these scenes work. The game starts, but I get an Uncaught TypeError when I click. I use the code from the raycast click example.

Here is the project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Can anyone figure out what happened?


It looks like the physics engine (Ammo.js) is not included in your project. To include it go to your project Settings in the dashboard so https://playcanvas.com/project/360824/settings and tick Enable 3D Physics. This is done for you automatically when you add a rigid body or collision component in the scene but must have been deselected somehow. Don’t forget to hit save in the project settings.

Ah, I must have unchecked that when I was updating the project info before publishing. Thax a lot!

PlayCanvas looks very promising. I have used Unity a lot so it is very easy to learn. I also used Adobe Director for many years before Unity, and lots of Director users never liked Unity, but will probably like PlayCanvas.


What do you think it is about PlayCanvas that Director users will like?

Hard to pinpoint, but Director as a 3D tool grew out of the 2D timeline/score like IDE that later became Flash (as a separate tool). Since many Director users are still into both 2D (and 3D), I think the 2D GUI system in Unity was the hardest part to learn and like, beside the weird pseudo JavaScript and C# that was a big step to learn. Director added support for JavaScript beside the main language “lingo” perhaps 20+ years ago, even though most Director developers are still not very familiar with module patterns.

For myself I started to create GUI elements using HTML with an embedded browser through xtras in my Director projects 10 years ago. So the concept of editing HTML and CSS for 2D stuff as assets was a nice find.

So from my point of view, I don’t see any need for a 2D GUI system in PlayCanvas beside HTML and CSS that the browser already does perfectly fine.

…and of course the super fast deploy pipeline with just the load time of the project. This is VERY SLOOOW in Unity.