Unable to run build on iphone, but works on Android/PC

I made the scene empty to lower vram usage.?
It works perfectly fine on Android/PC. But repeatedly crashes on Iphone.

Link to build: UN3D - PLAYCANVAS

Running on iOS 13 pro, OS: 15.2.1

Setting device pixel ratio to false seems to not cause it to crash, open further reading it seems like using native resolutions could cause issues on mobile devices

The other reason why it was also cashing was because it was going over VRAM limits (3.3gb)

Would it be better to have 1 large texture atlas for a house, vs each texture per room in terms of vram/and basis compression. I am trying to build a home wizard, where a user can update the texture for each room/floor etc. So theres tons of separate meshes and separate textures right now (I can share the project if that is helpful?)

Other than basis compression, if they are any other techniques or tricks to reduce VRAM consumption, that would be helpful.

Hi @Silicon_6ix,

3.3GB of VRAM allocation is too much, even for regular desktop computers unless they are running with high end gpus.

It doesn’t matter so much if your textural are many smaller ones instead of fewer larger ones. What matters is the total resolution of textures uploaded to the gpu. So yes, using fewer textures with smaller resolution will help.

Make sure to only use the required channels, eg don’t use a png with alpha if you don’t need that alpha channel. Remove it or use a jpg.

Don’t use separate black and white maps for for opacity or roughness, pack them in a single rgb or rgba channel.