Unable to open Forked Project

Hello :wave:,

I forked project But I am unable to open it…
It seems like it is disabled, it wont let me click on it.

That’s strange, calling @yaustar .

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Forking works on my end.

Is forking an issue only on this project?

Can you fork other projects successfully?

How large is this project?

@yak32 is looking at a fix for the issue raised. Hold tight :slight_smile:


hello, the fix is deployed, could you please verify your project? You would need to fork the project again.

Hello @yak32 :wave:,

Sorry but it is not working…


Odd, I’ve managed to fork it here: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

It takes a loong while to fork but it does eventually fork

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Seems working for me now… That previous Fork project become clickable and able to access it now.