Ultimate Car Simulator 2021

This is a game I am currently making all feedback is welcome will add to this thread when 1.0.4 comes out
Project https://playcanvas.com/project/766914/overview/ultimate-car-simulator-2021


Hello @DeductedFlame24!

Your ‘Original Map’ is not working because of errors:


Also starting ‘Offroad’ gives an error:


In the console you can see if something goes wrong with your scripts. To see those errors yourself, you can open the console in your browser with the F12 key.

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I am sorry @Albertos I will try to fix this

Very cool. It would be nice if you could slowly turn/pitch while in air. It’s not technically realistic, but a lot of games let you turn very slowly while airborne to make the vehicle easier to control.

Thank you for the Feedback @Chris

And @Albertos I have hopefully fixed the problems

There is absolutely no need to apologize! I’m just trying to help you. Every error can negatively affect your game unnoticed. It is therefore better to solve these first.

Both maps now work. Not error free, but I understand you are still working on it.

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I will try fix these errors, because my company and @DeductedFlame24 company are collabing, I will try fix the errors.