UI sprites not loading consistently

I have a quiz interaction that is reused in multiple scenes.
It is part of the global UI of the game.

Each selectable item has several child elements including a circular background sprite that recolors based on whether the choice is correct or incorrect.

Occasionally, the sprite image will not load properly and the background shape is displayed as a square instead. This entire square recolors as it should. Its only a cosmetic issue but I can’t figure out why it is happening.

It doesn’t occur consistently, sometimes the circular sprite displays and other times it doesn’t. None of the other UI sprites seem to be affected

All elements are assigned to the UI layer

Updating to include the fact that the asset is marked for preloading in in the editor.

The issue had to do with an asset preloading script that was recursively deleting preloaded assets before loading a new set. The sprite asset in question was tagged for initial loading but would be removed when the user changed environments within the game. Tagging it for all environments fixed the problem.