UI Mask for timer

I am trying to make some mask for ui timer:
I have this image:

How can I do some kind of ui mask, but not 1-bit?
We don’t want to create animation sequence, because it’s will have a large size.

Hi @pekarnik,

You could use a plane with an opacity map that creates a hole above the counter. This is the approach we’ve used here:


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Forget to say, this is 8th wall project, so background is a video from camera

I didn’t get where are you use plane with alpha…

On the floor to fake a hole and allow part of what’s behind to be smoothly seen.

thank you

The other way I was think was to do in reverse. Have the numbers as the mask and animate the timer via the rect on the image element.

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This is work! But have some artifacts on numbers, maybe need to change mask texture

Yeah, it won’t give you a nice anti aliased edge to the numbers but I can’t think of a better solution beyond making the engine handle alpha masks differently.