UI Layer Questionnaire

I am new to playcanvas.
I just check this example “PlayCanvas Examples” under user interface session at left hand panel.
I know we can add UI buttons / scroll view / text by “example.js” by coding.
I am wondering if there is UI in editor to facilitates our program development?
My application works like questionnaire. I need to load data from a json file then display the questions and answers one by one (there are around 5 questions). I need to store those feedbacks from each questions from user and store into a array. Then finally feed all answers to backend server by api with playload.
We are familiar with backend server and js. However, we are very new to playcanvas.

Hello, and welcome to PlayCanvas!

I would suggest to go through all the tutorial projects listed in the Tutorials section:

There isn’t one that completely matches your project, but many give answers on how to complete different parts, like how to create a UI element, or how to create buttons and do some action on button press, for example:


I am going to make a questionnaire after a player clicks a 3d objects.
If there any example to show how to embed an iframe i to UI layer.
I want to build the questionnaire in a page then embeds it into a iframe at playcanvas UI layer