UI Image Element doesn't show texture in editor

When I create a ui image component on an entity and set the texture to a png I often don’t see the texture in the editor viewport. This makes it hard to debug. Is there a setting I am missing?

In this case this entity is a child of another entity which has a screen component.

Hi @noah_mizrahi,

Sometimes it happens your camera is looking behind the UI screen and the elements are rendering only a single side.

If that’s the case try rotating to look the other side.

Hello @noah_mizrahi! If you just have applied the texture, try to refresh your browser. (In my case it sometimes happens that changes are not visible in the view without refreshing my browser).

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That is the case sometimes. Thanks for the suggestion. In this case it is the refreshing of the browser. I"ll try and remember that. Sometimes the scale, camera position and the refresh make it difficult to see what’s happening.

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I’m trying to place a ui element in 3d space.

If I make an entity and attach an image component and position it at runtime it doesn’t appear at the position.

If I place the entity inside another entity as a child and put a screen component with screen space disabled on the parent and position the child at runtime it does not appear at the position.

If I do the above but position the parent instead of the child the ui appears at the position but the scale is enormous. I have to scale the child down to appear at the correct position and scale. If I scale the parent it doesn’t appear at all.

I’m a bit confused if I’m doing this right and in general find it rather confusing how to work with ui’s in this way.

Another point is that if I make the same ui entity in another scene the ui element is the correct scale. It seems as though it’s adopting the scale of other elements in the scene or something I’m not considering.

Each time I have to work with ui elements I have to try and remember all the things that can cause ui’s to not behave properly. It’s very time consuming.

UI elements in 3D space should be an entity with a screen element (not in screen space) and scaled to fit in the world. The children entities with element components.

Edit: I also tend to keep entity scales for elements as close to 1, 1, 1 and use the element dimensions to size them in the world/UI

Can you give a project example of a setup that doesn’t work how you expect it to be please?

Or you can do it without the screen component like here https://playcanvas.com/project/720778/overview/ui-in-world-layer-test