UI Elements Visibility Issue On Launch

Hi Everyone.

I have just seen an issue on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome that some of the UI Elements are not properly visible above other elements in the launch tab. Though On Firefox everything is visible 100% according to the editor.

I would check for issues with Spector.js.

If you can create repro project for people to look at, that would be great too

You are added into project. You can see

Can you make it public please so that the community can also try to find the issue

Google Chrome looks fine to me:

Your UI layer looks odd though:

Opaque should come before Transparent sublayers on UI_1 and UI_2. Doubt that make a different though as the UI elements are generally all rendered on the transparent layer.

Yes, now I have fixed the issue. Opaque and Transparent sort were not manual previously so were rendering different on different browsers. Though I switched them to manual and sorted in Rebder Order. :slight_smile:

Glad you have it sorted :+1:

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