Twine games and PlayCanvas

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Hey Tom!

Great to see you back on PlayCanvas!

Just been looking at your twine game. I didn’t realize you could embed images into twine games, did you do the artwork? I wonder if it’s possible to embed PlayCanvas content in them?

Interesting thought!

I think you can embed most things in Twine - I added images and Soundcloud widgets (for BGM) using the HTML formatting features (,formatting). In theory you would only be limited by browsers capabilities?

I like the idea of puzzles or 3D Playcanvas scenes that could affect the story or be affected by it tho!

If you have some embed code I’d be happy to try it out for you.

Hmm, looks like you can embed any old html. How about a caveman from @billowe’s test project…

<html><iframe src=""></iframe></html>

Or some fishes:

<html><iframe src=""></iframe></html>

Seems to work!

Definitely think there is potential here!

It might be nice to have embed options with minimal / modest branding so it could fit in with any style web page and maybe the bar with the like/share/fullscreen buttons could collapse after a few seconds? I dunno, just ideas in the spirit of critical development :slight_smile: Of course you want Playcanvas up there but you know how creative types are :slight_smile:

What about a full screen 3D background (may be a bit buggy…):

That’s amazing! I really like it.

Removing branding and customizing the loading is definitely something we’ll enable for people. Probably a Pro feature though…