Tweens dont seem to rotate past 360deg


Im still trying to learn to use Tweens in 3D space. I have this lab setup:

What Im seeing is even though i have the rotation property set to tween to 111111deg, it seems to only spin 111111%360deg. Im going to debug it some more and see if I can determine if its the quaternion math or the code somehow. I thought maybe it was just animating through the overloaded degrees super fast but it doesnt look like its processing any more frames with the hi degree value or the lower value in the 360 range. Is it possible the tween engine cancels out redundant tweens?

Thanks for any insight.

Can you link to the editor please? We can’t really see what you have done from the published build.


Thanks kindly for responding

Looking at the code, it uses setFromEulerAngles to represent the target rotation and does a slerp between the two. The engine code uses sin/cos on the rotations passed ( which effectively does a modulus (ie keeps the rotation on each axis between 0-360) and therefore doesn’t allow it to do more than one full rotation.