Tweening a Graphnode

I’m trying to tween a graphnode but whenever i edit tween.js i get an error, and whenever i fix the error it does absolutely nothing. does anyone have a solution to this?

    // Add pc.Application#tween method
    pc.Application.prototype.tween = function (target) {
        return new pc.Tween(target, this._tweenManager);

    // Add pc.Entity#tween method
    pc.Entity.prototype.tween = function (target, options) {
        var tween = this._app.tween(target);
        tween.entity = this;

       this.once('destroy', tween.stop, tween);

        if (options && options.element) {
            // specifiy a element property to be updated
            tween.element = options.element;
        return tween;
    pc.GraphNode.prototype.tween = function (target) {
        var tween = new pc.Tween(target,;
        tween.node = this;

        // this.once('destroy', tween.stop, tween);

        return tween;