Tween visual editor

Hi everyone!
I’ve been using playcanvas and I believe it’s a fantastic tool and I mainly use it for AR.

I’m here to suggest a new feature that would make my life and hopefully the one of other developers so much easier:
A visual animation editor, like the one Unity or Zapworks Studio uses. I don’t mind tween but creating complex and chaining animations is an utter pain using only code, it’s so much slower and difficult to be honest.

If I’m not wrong I saw an attempt of doing something like this but it’s dead and not usable after the very much appreciated updates.

Is this something the team would consider implementing in the future? I love what you did for 3D animations so hopefully yes?
Thank you and good work :slight_smile:

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Honestly, it’s further down the roadmap for something like this.

@will May have a version where tweens can be made in the inspector but you still can’t see the tweens animation in the Editor. It just more of a GUI led way of creating the tweens

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