Tween rotation not going well

Hello, i want to ask, i noticed that tween function can only rotate object 0-180 degrees ? And then it turns to -180 and goes -179… 0

So i cant do tween rotation like this


From zero to 200.

My tween is not going like i wished to :

Instead its going like this :

It doest matter how i rotate parent object it still can only rotate by 0-180 in one direction as well as -180-0

Is there any way how i can rotate straight 0-200 degrees with tween ?

Hi @smokys

Unfortunately, the Tween library does not support direction for rotation. It always rotates the shortest distance to the target.

You may be able to get around this by chaining multiple tweens (first from 0 to 90, then 90 to “200”) together, but that might get complicated quickly.

Otherwise you can try a different library for tweening. GSAP is quite popular: GSAP - GreenSock


Thank you for your reply, i will definitely take a look .