Tutorials for Blender to PlayCanvas?

Hi – there are lots of video and printed tutorials available for going from Blender to Unity, but I’ve had trouble finding similar resources for Blender-to-PlayCanvas workflows. I’m admittedly a relative Blender newbie and a complete newbie with PlayCanvas.

Of course, I’m interested in getting full Blender models (with complete materials) and animations imported into PlayCanvas in the same state as they are in Blender. I understand I’ll need to reduce the poly count as much as possible on the Blender models to optimize them for rendering, but I’ve been confused about how to do all this stuff.

Sorry, I know this seems fundamental and should be easy, but I’m trying to get up to speed quickly on this whole workflow. Thanks!


The thing is, Blender and PlayCanvas don’t work directly, you have to export your model in one of available formats and then import into PlayCanvas as asset.

There is no sense to make videos about every 3D-editor with PlayCanvas, in my opinion.
You can watch videos about Blender and that’s quite enough.

The workflow of using Blender with Unity by exporting to FBX and importing it, is the same with PlayCanvas.
There is no difference pretty much in workflow as with any other engines and Blender, except own Blenders engine (blend4web).