[TUTORIAL] User Interface Overview

I made a video going over the 2D Screen and various elements of making a UI. It’s not a complete tutorial but can give some insight for those that learn more through videos rather than reading.

Let me know the good and of course the bad so I know what to do differently for the next video.
In the future i’d like to make separate videos targeting Text, Images, Scrollviews… etc.

If you’re interested in seeing more on UI or seeing a video on anything else that you struggle with or see people asking questions about a lot - let me know and i’ll plan a video for it!

Since last video I took advice of @kungfooman to help feel more comfortable making the videos and @yaustar’s advice of spending less time coding live and being more focused on explaining the process instead of watching me slowly tap the keyboard. :smiley:


Great to see some tutorials!

Regarding “really weird behaviour, and refresh your browser”, if you could replicate that behaviour, reporting an issue here on forum - will help fixing it.

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It happens to me a lot so will be easy to replicate. I’ll try recording a video and getting it to happen. :slight_smile:
Do you need it in a standalone project?

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Yep, new clean project with steps to reproduce - is perfect.