Tutorial/Guidlines for a configurator project

Hello, I am a new PC user and my starter project is a desk configurator.

I know I have to learn and research a lot of this myself, but I was wondering if, maybe, anybody can give me some pointers on how to achieve some of this stuff.

Ideally I would like to be able to :

  1. Change material diffuse color by pressing a UI button.
  2. Change the whole scene with a button (can this be loaded seperately after the first model has loaded and the scene is visible? not to make the initial loading too heavy if I have many desk configurations)
  3. Create a specific camera ’ intro animation ’
  4. Create camera limits
  5. Animate different parts of the scene with a button

Maybe there is an example project or something that I could learn from? :slight_smile:

I wonder why there is no replay on this? is this not possible with Playcanvas?

It’s entirely possible, see some examples some of our users created here: Configurators | PlayCanvas

But the question covers many topics, and nobody has taken time to write a really long answer this would require. There are many discussions of these topics on the forum, many tutorial projects covering individual aspects of this as well: Tutorials | Learn PlayCanvas