Tutorial for Scroll View

I just can’t find any video tutorial on the internet that show how construct an UI panel using a scroll view entity. i tried to follow this example PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine but I can’t reach any result when i try to config those anchors… the whole scroll setup seems too difficult for a task so simple…

I wish i could create a vertical UI panel that i could just adjust the size of the whole panel and everything inside would resize it to fit just like i used to do in Unreal Engine 4

I have the same struggles too. I have it working, but when I want to add or remove an item I have to update a lot of elements to make it looks correct again. Maybe this is because a wrong setup, so a better tutorial would be nice.

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In lieu of the tutorial, I quickly did a crash course on Scroll Views as part of Office Hours

Link to the project that shows a scroll view with dynamic content: Dynamic UI Scroll View | Learn PlayCanvas


Great! I’m going to see it right now!