.ttf Fonts in Editor

So, I noticed that the only fonts you can use with the editor is bitmap, and I haven’t been able to find any. However, I have found many .ttf fonts. Can you make the editor use .ttf fonts?

This is a feature that will soon land in Playcanvas. Most of it has already been implemented just needs a bit more work :slight_smile:

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Hi. Mee to tried to upload an .otf font file to use in my CSS with the @font-face-tag. But the upload in the editor wouldn’t accept the file.

Is this possible somehow?

I assume the same thing applies to .ttf fonts. You would have to ask @vaios.

We will soon have font assets in the Editor so filenames with font extensions like .ttf .otf etc will be converted to runtime font assets. We currently do not allow those extensions to be uploaded however you could change the filename to have a different extension like .otf_ so when you upload it it will be treated as a binary file. Then in your CSS you can use the URL of that asset for your font-family.

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