Trying to make a vending machine with light glowing behind front panel, wondering best practices

I’m trying to make a vending machine and I would like the front panel to glow and I’m not sure the best route with Playcanvas. Should I put a light behind the front panel and make the front panel material semi-opaque? Or is there a way to have materials emit light and I should just have the front panel emit light itself? Longer term, the vending machine will function with cans coming out and button presses, etc.

The 2 render images are how I have the front panel currently in Blender. I’m anticipating needing to remodel. But, regardless it’s important that there will be glass that I can see into the vending machine, but still just trying to figure out lighting.

In most games, this is done using an emissive property of the material:

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Thank you! That was exactly what I was looking for Blasto!