Trying to Import .gltf models but they import as Binary files

Hi, as the title suggests, I’m trying to import a bunch of .gltf files but they are imported as binary files. I thought Playcanvas supported this format now. Am I wrong?

BTW these models seems to load perfectly when I view them in the placanvas viewer (PlayCanvas glTF Viewer)


Hi @Grimmy,

We currently only support importing glb files, since these generally contain all the data needed in a single file.

We do have follow up work to support gltf with embedded and external references though, see glTF asset import followup work · Issue #1000 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub.

For interest sake, are you importing gltfs with external references or with textures and binary data embedded?


Hi, I’m pretty sure the gltf files Im importing have the textures embedded. (I cant see the textures in any separate folders).

The model imports perfectly into the viewer though and all textures appear perfectly - the problem is that it doesnt import correctly into the Playcanvas editor itself. I can send you a model if required?

Hi @Grimmy,

Yep you’re right - the PC engine definitely supports loading all types of gltf and glb with internal and external data.

However the editor’s import pipeline is completely separate from that. The import pipeline currently only supports glb files, not gltf. As I say though, we’re planning to add support in future.

Until then, there are utilities which convert between gltf and glb. Could you use that until we’ve added direct support in the editor?

Also want to mention that if your textures and data are embedded in the gltf file then they are being base64 encoded. This will result in much bigger gltf file than the equivalent glb. You should consider using glb for production if possible!


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You can DM me the file. It should be fine if it’s .glb file. We don’t support importing of .gltf and .bin files yet in the Editor

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Okay I will convert them to Glb. Sounds like a plan. Know any batch .gtlf to Glb tools?

I don’t know of any myself as normally I get them as GLBs in the first place :sweat_smile:

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You can probably use this:


I also forgotten about this tool: which has a command line.

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