Trouble with organization account - old projects went to 'Free' account instead

I am having trouble with my new organization account - the old projects went to lay on a ‘Free’ account instead of (even) my 15 USD-account? What to do?

PS: Can I download and upload projects via the ZIP-formats?

Normally there is an ORG account that represents the ‘company’, allocates the seats and owns the projects, etc and each user has their own free account which can take a seat from the ORG.

Is this the case with you? All the projects are now owned by the free account and not by the ORG?

If so, you can transfer the projects to the ORG via

Have done all correctly - please look into my 3 parallel user names, that I ‘accidently made’. I need to transfer my projects to the Organization user. If you do a ‘Hard transfer’ (meaning: by yourself instead of other refferal means to me), please backup my projects prior to the action.

PS: I cannot share the projects to the other user names (Futufi or Future Fireplace) - nor change the emails of those, in order to share by/to different email-user.

I’m not part of the PlayCanvas staff so I can’t do anything to the accounts. I can only guess on what has happened as the staff won’t be online as are on US time.

I’m a bit confused by the current state.

Are all the projects owned by the ORG now?
How many seats have you got? Are the seats taken by the right users? (You can check in the ORG account)

As @yaustar says, for your projects you want to be owned by your Organization, you need to transfer them from your Free (personal) account (username: tdneren) to your Organization account (username: futufi). I’m updating @yaustar’s link to the relevant section on the page:

Let us know if you have problems with that process.