Trouble with getting one 2D screen to completely cover another 2D screen

In a project I’m creating, I have a gameplay screen that is open during a users turn and I want that user to be able to click the settings button, which will open another screen, and have the settings screen completely cover everything from the gameplay screen.

Currently, when the settings button is pressed, the screen opens but sometimes certain entities from the gameplay screen are on top of the settings screen.

I have tried re-ordering things in the editor hierarchy and have thought about enabling/disabling the screens but don’t want to use that route because if it is before gameplay has started and the user goes into settings and then navigates out of it, it should NOT open up gameplay screens.

Is there some sort of ‘bring to front’ option for a screen?


You could use mutliple layers to make it easier to order the UI screens.

I think the UI screens are rendered in hierarchy order if they are on the same layer so a bring to front would potential be, unparent and reparent to make it last in the children list.

Ahh yes, this did help.

I’ll have to rearrange some screens and layer them to get this showing right. It would be cool if there was a ‘bring to front’ type of action that could be applied to screens or entities!