Trouble playing multiple videos

Dear PC-Support,

I have some trouble playing different videos on different textures. I have a scene where I want to play seven individual videos on several screens but the correct videos are only displayed on half of the screens. It works on the door and on top of the tires but not on the front of the car and on top of the laptop. The other screens are wrongly showing a freezeframe while the correct audio plays.

I have the feeling the issue is at my video-tex.js which handles the video texture based on the video texture tutorial: Video Textures | Learn PlayCanvas.

This is my project (not sure if you can access it):

Sorry that I’m that vague. Do you have any hints about what I’m doing wrong?

The project is private so we can’t access it.

At a guess, does each of the videos have a unique event string?

If not, it’s sending the same video texture to multiple materials.

Thanks a lot. Is there a way to share the project with you but without making it public?

I’m having several instances of the video texture script in the scene. I put it on every one of the touchpoints the video texture script with unique material & video file slots:

And fire the event with (should only fire it when it was fired on the parent object)

        parentEntity.on('video:play', function () {
            console.log('#41# video:play');
            video.muted = false;
        }, this);

This works for half of the videos, which I don’t understand. I’m happy for any help.

It is possible but it’s really hard to give direct 1-1 support due to time.

If you can recreate the issue in a new project with just the videos (or dummy videos) that would be great as other members of the forum may be able to help too

Yes, this makes sense. Here a public reduced version of it:

My issue is that when you click on the touchpoints

only some of the video are beeing played.

The touchpoints are exact duplicates of each other. Only the materials and the mp4 videos are assinged to the slots on the FrameEntity:

I can’t understand why it only works for some of the videos. Any help would be great!

A quick look at this:

Taking HotSpotBase6Helment

That is uploading the video to material HotSpotBase6Helmet

But the TV Plane is referencing HotSpotBase3Reifen material. Shouldn’t this be HotSpotBase6Helmet?

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Yes you are right. I feel so stupid… that’s happening when I’m overworked :neutral_face:

Thanks so much!