Trouble getting into my old account

Good evening.
I made an account almost 2 years ago and got frustrated with the engine because I couldn’t code for the life of me and the lack of tutorials. I went down a step and made a game in Scratch, and also learned some Javascript. I also learned a ton in game design. I want to get back into play canvas and make something cool.

The issue is despite Google saving my password, it wouldn’t let me into my account. I got myself a new password. No dice. I tried my other google account. Same deal. It says something about me being previously signed in, but I haven’t used this account since December.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Stink_Head,

You can try reaching out to @yaustar with a private message in case he, or someone from the PlayCanvas team, are able to be of help on this.

Can you email please and we will take it from there