Trigo Run Official Speedrunning Page

Hello and this is the Official Speedrunning Page for trigo run, yes trigo run was accepted onto and i’m setting up the page RN i will comment the page link when it’s done


here, speedrun that thang, Individual Levels - Trigo Run -

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also :note: that you are allowed to freely comment on this post if you have questions, ask them here. If you have feedback put it into this google form Google Forms: Sign-in

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HELLOOO and welcome to the official trigo run speedrunning page… this game is designed for speedrunning specifically so GET THOSE RECORDS the record holder for each catagory will get a FREE STEAMKEY when i release it on steam… WORLD RECORD HOLDERS OF THIS GAME WILL GET IT ON STEAM FOR FREE

ok so uhhh hi deadshot nice game :smiley:

hi, thanks for the response, i would appreciate any specific feedback you may have

Well it is a good game